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​Catching or naming Mary Jo Templeton's killer is going to be next to impossible, according to two former cops who worked her case. ​


They've got experience on their side.


So, does Kenneth Mains. This former detective turned private investigator is one of the nation’s foremost authorities on cold case investigations.


He starred in History Channel’s “Hunt for the Zodiac Killer” and has been endorsed by some of the top minds in law enforcement and criminal forensics.


Still, seventy-five percent of the time, his expertise is not welcomed by local police.


In Episode 6, he reveals how his firm would solve the Templeton murder and gives very pointed advice for cold case detectives.


Also, we’ll get a profile of Mary Jo’s murderer from Criminal Psychologist & Profiler, Dr. Erica Hutton. She’s worked over 2,200 cases and is frequently consulted by law enforcement and prosecutors for her expert analysis.

(This episode contains explicit content)

God's Tequila (2018)
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