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Joseph Fischer was paroled from a New York State prison in 1978 after serving twenty-four years for murder.


Upon his release, he embarked on a cross-country trek that lasted for thirteen months.

During his time on the road, he claims to have killed at least twenty and as many as 140 people and to have been in Bend, Oregon in April of 1979.

He was only ever officially charged in two* murders - his wife's and Betty Jo Gibson's of Oklahoma - during that span.

In Episode 4, we'll talk with former New York State Senior Investigator John Crodelle and former Poughkeepsie Journal reporter Larry Hertz - both of whom have firsthand knowledge about Fischer.

Could Joseph Fischer have been Mary Jo's killer?

*The charges in the Gibson murder were overturned in 1984.

Joseph Fischer-Serial Killer (Undated)
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